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Hulu and Blumhouse Television gave horror fans a treat with their horror anthology series Into the Dark, now in its second season.Each installment runs the length of a feature film and centers around a certain holiday, from Halloween and Thanksgiving to International Women's Day. Not all Into the Dark installments are created equal: Some are frightening, tightly wound thrillers while others.

Web. Original Hulu movie "It's A Wonderful Binge," debuting Dec. 9., is set a few years after four friends enjoy their first Binge, the one day every year that all drugs and alcohol are legal. The next state-sanctioned Binge is set for Christmas Eve, but the group is older now — and facing issues with family, lovers, and life.

Hulu is giving fans a second helping of a fan-favorite. That's right, Tell Me Lies will be back for season 2 on the streaming platform. The company announced the move today and fans are already.

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Web. First, you need to make sure you are signed up and logged in on your Hulu account. Visit your / to get started Now hover over your name at the top of the screen to make the menu pop out. Next, you can select the Night mode setting, and that's it. You're all done.

Hulu black screen before/after ads, Chromecast becomes unresponsive This started happening recently. When we watch a show on Hulu, it cuts to a black loading screen for ads. 50% of the time it gets stuck on this black screen with "Loading" on the top left corner. Either no ads are loading, or after the ads it does not go back to the show itself.


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